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How to win in the automation revolution

9th October 2019, Atlanta

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Location: Four Seasons


The world is moving fast, experience sets expectation, and expectations are increasing. Your customers – internal and external – assume you’ll deliver frictionless experience, faster care, fulfilling purpose. No wonder leading companies turn to automation to enhance the customer journey, boost productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, retain an overall competitive edge. To advance.

But (and there is always a but)… According to a recent survey of business leaders, digital transformation is the biggest risk factor facing organizations today.

It’s not hard to see why. This year alone, enterprises are expected to invest $1.3 trillion in digital initiatives to improve efficiencies, increase customer value and create new monetization opportunities. Yet, according to Forbes Technology Council: “research tells us that 70% of these initiatives will not reach their stated goals … over $900 billion worth of spend will miss the mark.”

You need to automate to deliver on the huge potential of digital transformation. You don’t want to be part of the 70%. How can smart businesses avoid starting off on the wrong foot and/or rescue projects that have lost their way?

Join WorkFusion and select group of finance, operations, retail and technology leaders for one unique, interactive, peer-to-peer conversation inspired by real use cases. With Q4 already in motion, are you set to meet your digital transformation goals? Are you prepared to succeed in 2020? How are you freeing your people from the mundane so they can focus on the meaningful? How are you organizing to fully exploit the automation revolution?


6:00 – 6:50 pm – Welcome Drinks Reception
6:50 – 7:00 pm – Introduction from Master of Ceremonies
7:00 – 7:20 pm – Keynote presentation from Dave Brajkovich
7:20 – 9:20 pm – Three-course dinner complemented with table discussion points
9:20 – 9:45 pm – Wrap up and closing remarks from WorkFusion

Discussion Points

  • The quick wins: how industry leaders use automation to analyze, scale and optimize operations.
  • How can you enhance your intelligent automation journey to meet rising consumer expectations?
  • People and process: are you skilling up (and set up) in the right areas?

Keynote Speaker:


Dave Brajkovich,CTO at Polaris Transportation Group and NorthStar Digital Solutions

Dave’s technology career spans 30 years and has mainly been focused on engineering, designing and building core transactional systems for some of the world’s leading fortune 500 companies. With key strengths in leadership and management of multi-talented teams he has excelled in moving the needle continuously by ensuring practical deployments of technology with a direct impact on improving operational workflows along with providing an enhanced client experience as the ROI. Dave has been an influential change agent for technological improvements, such as advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing, distribution/supply chain and financial applications. Over the years he has been recognized for his core strengths in aligning technology for business improvements. With exposure to multi diverse markets, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, financial investment management and transportation has given Dave a rounded edge to be a key player and contributor for advanced technology offerings and helping business understand and adopt enablers for future growth and advancements.

Currently Dave is the Chief Technology Officer for Polaris Transportation Group and NorthStar Digital Solutions, Dave’s focus is to strengthen and maintain a robust technical ecosystem for the enterprise group and its affiliated companies. The ultimate objective is to provide Polaris the foundation to be a uniquely different provider of freight services and lifecycle management with enhanced digital product capabilities. Emphasis will be placed on bleeding edge technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, AI, and Blockchain.

About WorkFusion

WorkFusion was born out of research that co-founders Max Yankelevich and Andrew Volkov sponsored at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL)

WorkFusion creates technology that makes economies work. The rapid rise of AI and automation, along with the changing roles of people in the workforce, have created both complexity and opportunity for individuals, businesses and entire countries. Our company’s purpose is to reduce this complexity and help our customers exploit the opportunity through products that pair people with intelligent software robots.


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