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Shifting Landscapes: How the Cloud, GDPR and Data-Centric Security are Reshaping Information Protection

5th September 2018, London

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Venue: Ice Bar


Regulated content, intellectual property and other sensitive information are the lifeblood of any enterprise, and that data must be shared – both inside and outside your organization. And while email remains the most pervasive form of corporate communication, it’s also the number one source of data leaks.

Between the move to the cloud, accelerating cross-enterprise collaboration and an increasingly complicated regulatory environment, the stakes for data protection have never been higher.

So how are leading enterprises addressing this challenge?

Join Meet the Boss and Virtru for an interactive evening of dinner, discussion and discovery, where a host of Europe’s senior security leaders will be exploring what cloud migration means in a security context, how to meet GDPR and other regulatory requirements in the cloud, how to manage access to intellectual property even after it has been shared, and why encryption at scale – without disrupting end users – is not just critical to success in the information age, but also eminently possible.


6:00 – 6:30 pm – Welcome Reception & Cocktails
6:30 – 7:10 pm – Ice Bar Experience
7:10 – 7:20 pm – Introduction from Masters of Ceremonies
7:20 – 7:40 pm – Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Morgan, Virtru
7:40 – 9:30 pm – Three-course dinner complemented with tables discussion
9:30 – 10:00 pm – Wrap up and closing remarks from Virtru

Discussion Topics

  • What GDPR and other regulatory requirements mean in a cloud context
  • How to manage access to sensitive data – even after it leaves your domain
  • Why cloud migration needn’t mean loss of security control
  • How to overcome the traditional trade-off between data protection and end-user friction

Keynote Speaker


Jonathan Morgan, EMEA Director at Virtru

Jonathan Morgan brings a deep knowledge of enterprise security and data protection requirements to his role as EMEA Director at Virtru. He works closely with security leaders to gain a detailed understanding of their needs, develop trusted relationships, and ensure Virtru solutions solve their most pressing problems.

About Virtru

Virtru is a data security company that protects corporate information from unauthorized access. Built on the open-standard

Trusted Data Format (TDF), our patented technology eliminates the trade-off between data protection and ease of use by seamlessly integrating end-to-end encryption directly into platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and other SaaS applications.

More than 8,000 customers trust the Virtru Data Protection Platform to easily protect and control sensitive information wherever it’s created, stored, or shared.


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