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The surprising connection between corporate strategy and sales conversations

30th October 2019, Seattle

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Location: The Edgewater Hotel


Human conversations are the heart of B2B go-to-market success – especially in accessing the target markets specified in your company’s strategic plans. While these conversations have always been important, today they’re vital: because everything changed in the early 2000s, and nobody noticed.

Market access used to be a matter of buying a relevant company or hiring top gun sales reps with fat rolodexes, backing them up with marketing muscle, and selling your way into target markets. Now, M&A is complicated by aggressive, over-funded private equity, a fat rolodex doesn’t go far with the modern business buyer, and marketing language can infect your sales process and kill your ability to use sales as a weapon of strategy.

It’s gotten easier to describe a target market, and even generate a solid list of targets. But harder to rise above the digital noise and reliably engage that market.

The surprisingly simple solution to overcome these strategic roadblocks has three elements:

1. A very high rate of targeted human conversations, enabled by specialized technology
2. A conversation-first sales process that consistently drives buyer trust
3. A scripted approach to conversations that turns a sales team into a scalable market exploration, penetration and expansion machine.

Join ConnectAndSell and a select group of industry leaders as we dedicate one unique evening to one critical business question… How can you efficiently and effectively connect conversations to strategic execution, no matter what target market is on your strategic roadmap?


6:00 – 6:40 pm – Welcome Drinks Reception
6:40 – 6:50 pm – Introduction from Master of Ceremonies
6:50 – 7:10 pm – Keynote Speaker
7:10 – 9:10 pm – Three-course dinner complemented with table discussion points
9:10 – 9:30 pm – Wrap up and closing remarks from ConnectAndSell

Discussion Points

  • How sales conversations became relevant to achieving corporate strategy?
  • The role of sales conversations in M&A synergy, market exploration and creation of new revenue streams.
  • The critical role that scripting of sales language plays in strategic go-to-market, and the danger of leaving that language to chance, or to the marketing department.

Keynote Speaker


Chris Beall, CEO at ConnectAndSell

For most of the past 30 years, Chris Beall has participated in software start-ups as a founder or at a very early stage of development. His focus has consistently been on creating and taking to market simple products that can be used successfully the first time they are touched, without having to take a course or read a manual. His belief is that the most powerful part of any software system is the human being that we inappropriately call a “user,” and that the value key in software is to let the computer do what it does well — go fast without getting bored — in order to free up human potential. Toward that end, Chris has been involved with Requisite Technology, GXS, Epiance, Qlip Media, Aptara, Cadis, Sun Microsystems, and Unisyn. He is currently CEO of ConnectAndSell, Inc., based in Silicon Valley.

About ConnectAndSell

ConnectAndSell’s patented cloud sales-acceleration platform and highly trained agents relieve B2B customers of the frustrating, time-consuming work of navigating through gatekeepers, IVR systems, phone trees, and voicemail. ConnectAndSell gets the decision maker on the phone for you, allowing your reps to have more conversations in 90 minutes than they would in a week of conventional dialing. CRM data entry and follow-up scheduling is fully automated with ConnectAndSell. Our teleprompter capability lets your reps know what to say on follow-up calls, while our InstantResponse™ function makes sure inbound inquiries get a call-back in less than five seconds with zero sales effort.

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