Learning to win in an age of disruption

7th June 2017
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Event Date: 7th of June 2017

Venue: Blue Fin, South Bank, London

7.30am – 8.00am: Registration and Networking Breakfast
8.00am – 8.10am:  Welcome and Introduction to all attendees by Kevin Roche, President, Dell EMC Consulting Service
8.10am – 8.45am: Welcome from Geoffrey Moore and an introduction to his Zone to Win framework
8.45am – 10.20am:  Zone to Win Workshop – with Geoffrey Moore
10.35am – 12.00pm: Transformation Workshop – Funding your Digital Transformation
12.00pm – 12.45pm: Networking Lunch
12.45pm – 2.10pm: Performance Workshop – Identifying strategic business initiatives for big data and IOT
2.25pm – 3.50pm: Incubation Workshop – Agile, Webscale & Lean thinking
4.05pm – 5.30pm: Productivity Workshop – Enabling real-time collaboration
5.30pm: Networking drinks

Join us for a day of innovative thinking and creative problem-solving with one goal in mind: ensuring your pharma organisation survives and thrives in the digital age. Our unique and inspiring program connects you with some of the industry’s best minds – including thought leader and acclaimed author Geoffrey A. Moore, as well as a host of industry experts from Dell EMC – in a format designed to enable your organisation to compete in an age of disruption.

Attendees will spend the day learning from – and strategising with – some of the brightest minds in business across a series of workshop sessions, specifically tailored around transformation in the pharmaceuticals industry. These will include:

Zone to Win Workshop

Join acclaimed management thinker Geoffrey Moore for a challenging session focused on how to organise to compete in an age of disruption, based on the principles developed in his latest book Zone to Win. In this session, Moore will help attendees brainstorm strategies appropriate to their zone, in order to win.

Transformation Workshop

This workshop, hosted by a Dell EMC thought leader, will centre on funding your digital transformation. How do you build the business case for change, and release technical debt to fund new digital business models?

Performance Workshop

This session, led by a Dell EMC expert, will look at how to identify strategic business initiatives for big data analytics, wearables and IOT in order to maximise organisational performance. Learn how to take your business to the next level in this session.

Incubation Workshop

A blue-sky thinking workshop, again led by Dell EMC, on what organisations need to do to set up in order to develop the next billion-dollar idea using lean, agile and webscale techniques. How do you successfully incubate new ideas? Find out in this session.

Productivity Workshop

A session with an expert from Dell EMC on how to increase productivity by enabling real-time, anywhere collaboration and leveraging the opportunities presented by the digital workplace. Are you working optimally? This session will show you how to improve.



Who is Geoffrey Moore?

Geoffrey Moore is a visionary, thought leader, author of the infamous playbook Crossing the Chasm and one of the world’s most respected thinkers when it comes to identifying new market opportunities.

His latest book, Zone to Win, explores different strategies for success in our rapidly shifting world. And now he’s sharing his ideas on how to win – and more importantly, what they mean for your business – with an exclusive London audience.

Praise for Geoffrey Moore

“For any company, regardless of size or industry, Zone to Win is the playbook for succeeding in today’s disruptive, connected, fast-paced business world.”

―Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce

“Once again Geoffrey Moore weighs in with a prescient examination of what it takes to win in today’s competitive, disruptive business environment. Zone to Win is a valuable playbook for prioritizing and allocating resources with the aim of exceptionally high growth.”

―Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft


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