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The most important thing a CIO/CTO can do: how to futureproof your IT strategy

2nd October 2018, Dallas

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Location: Truluck’s


As CIO or CTO your responsibility is to provide the technology platform and roadmap that serves the organization’s business plan. This used to be straightforward: you worked with your internal teams and vendors to draw up a unified solution (network, storage, compute). And that was it until the next hardware cycle about 48 months down the road.

But then everything changed.

You started small, rolling up some test/dev into AWS. It wasn’t easy, but it was cheap. Then it got easy and 40% of your enterprise crept onto the cloud, but it was no longer cheap. Then SaaS became available and Hybrid IT, and then ….. you get the idea.

How do you reevaluate what platform is right for your business plan today and tomorrow? What assessment process do you employ to determine what you have for an environment, and what you need to meet your business plan? What apps are no longer needed? What apps does someone else do better and should go to a SaaS model? What apps should go to IaaS and/or PaaS? Public cloud (and if so, which) or hosted; managed or not? And we haven’t even talked talent, security, or compliance yet.

We get it. Now let’s get it sorted.

Join Meet the Boss, QTS and a select group of senior information infrastructure and technology peers for this unique event. We’ll be talking all things cloud, from repatriation to migration, temporary colocation to cost containment, hearing and learning more about successful business outcome planning, and finding out exactly why data centers aren’t dead.


6:00 – 6:30 pm – Welcome Reception & Cocktails
6:30 – 6:40 pm – Introduction from Master of Ceremonies
6:40 – 7:00 pm – Keynote Speaker
7:00 – 9:00 pm – Three-course dinner complemented with table discussion points
9:00 – 9:30 pm – Wrap up and closing remarks from QTS

Discussion Topics

  • More clarity, less clairvoyance: what does the futureproof IT strategy look like?
  • Legacy integration, app migration, vendor lock-in: what are the key cloud challenges and proven ways to mitigate their impact?
  • How is cloud changing your team’s skillsets?

Keynote Speaker


David McCall, VP Innovation, QTS

David believes good relationships and purpose affects one’s life at every moment. He has been able to realize his calling to create teams that simplify and enhance people’s interactions within the world of technology. In the industry since 1997, his career has been anything but typical leading IT and technical teams in Hyperscale, Cloud, Hybrid IT, and Colocation.

About QTS

QTS Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: QTS) is a leading provider of data center solutions across a diverse footprint spanning more than 6 million square feet of owned mega scale data center space throughout North America. Through its software-defined technology platform, QTS is able to deliver secure, compliant infrastructure solutions, robust connectivity and premium customer service to leading hyperscale technology companies, enterprises, and government entities. Visit QTS at www.qtsdatacenters.com, call toll-free 877.QTS.DATA or follow on Twitter @DataCenters_QTS.

For more information, please visit www.qtsdatacenters.com, call toll-free 877.QTS.DATA or follow us on Twitter @DataCenters_QTS, LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/company/qtsdatacenters/ or Facebook – www.facebook.com/qtsdatacenters/

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