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Conquering Complexity: Driving Business Value in the New Digital Ecosystem

15th December 2015, Dallas

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Venue: Truluck’s

Most organizations like yours are facing a challenge to keep pace with, technology fueled, rapidly changing needs of your consumers. Organizations are expected to reduce the concept to product cycles from years or months to weeks, or risk losing market share!

Enterprises hence are increasingly looking at moving to a “Digital Enterprise” which promises to solve these and other challenges.

However, Digitalization is not a silver bullet to solve all of an enterprise’s problems. There is also no simple, one-size-fits-all approach to rolling out a digital strategy. Those beginning the journey to digitalization must consider the individual circumstances of their business and identify the desired impacts and how they can best be achieved. This is a strategic decision and will need careful considerations of existing internal and external ecosystem to decide the future roadmap. It will be also important to consider which function can deliver the greatest value in short-term and the plan for long term.

TechMahindra is hosting BusinesScapes, a global platform that provides the opportunity to engage with leading industry practitioners, interact with peers and share experiences. The event is centered around the theme “Conquering Complexity: Driving Business Value in the New Digital Ecosystem”. We would like to invite you to be a part of this event as we explore this exciting theme.

Join an elite group of industry peers and experts to deliberate and explore the possibilities of how to re-architect your services ecosystem to gear up for the future. Our discussions will cover winning strategies in a challenging landscape of voluminous data, near stagnating voice, growing customer expectations and an influx of socially connected customers. The program has been designed to benefit different functions within the Enterprise ecosystem like yours and will bring in insights around greater impacts of Cloud, Analytics as a Service, IoT, Mobility and other next-gen solutions.


  • 6:30 PM – 7:10 PM – Registration and Cocktail Reception
  • 7:15 PM – 7:25 PM – Welcome Introduction
  • 7:25 PM – 7:45 PM – Keynote Session by Industry Advisor
  • 7:50 PM – 9:00 PM – Three Course Dinner
  • 9:00 PM – 9:30 PM – Q&A and Wrap-up

 Talking Points:

  • The impetus behind a transformation project is likely to have come from outside of IT, but it’s the core IT team that drives the project forward – and indeed, delivers the real business value. How can IT support the wider business in understanding what can be achieved through cloud?
  • Are we seeing the flexibility and accessibility that cloud promised?
  • What are you security concerns with the cloud? Do we need a private cloud solution or can hybrid public cloud provide all the security we need?
  • What applications would benefit from movement to the cloud? What wouldn’t?

 Guest Speaker

Carlos TechM

Carlos Hernandez, Partner, Avasant

Carlos Hernandez is the head of Avasant’s Strategic Sourcing practice area.  He is an accomplished bilingual management consultant and sourcing solutions executive who brings more than 17 years of professional experience in both senior IT management and consulting for the strategic sourcing and IT strategy space. Carlos led the sourcing strategy and vendor management practice for Gartner, North America, and he provided thought leadership in the vendor management and governance space.

Carlos has broad experience in international sourcing engagements for global organizations having led and participated in engagements spanning the entire IT sourcing lifecycle. His engagements include international clients in Europe, Latin America, and the U.S..  Prior to joining Avasant as a Partner and practice head, Carlos was a Director at Alsbridge, Gartner and a Senior Consultant for IBM.


Tech Mahindra Representative

Anupam Bhatnagar, VP & Americas Leader, Marketing, Alliances, Analyst, PE & Advisory Relationships, TechMahindra

Anupam is the Americas Regional Leader for TechMahindra focused on driving key US partner based & marketing initiatives. Anupam Bhatnagar is a seasoned Industry leader focused on managing a portfolio of strategic Sourcing Advisory & Consulting Relationships, Private Equity partnerships and Industry Analyst Interactions in the Americas

Anupam Bhatnagar is a seasoned Industry leader focused on managing a portfolio of North American strategic Sourcing Advisory, Consulting Relationships & Private Equity partnerships and Industry Analyst relationships.

Anupam has been awarded the Emerging Leaders Program from Harvard Business School and also holds a Master’s Degree in International Business. He is based out of Orange County and is part of the Marketing Executive Leadership team. Anupam enjoys the distinction of being the youngest leaders in the industry and has been identified as one of the key up and coming leaders to build new initiatives. In the last decade, Anupam has presented in various leading Advisory and PE Forums including Annual PESS Conference, PE Operating Partner conference and Annual Partner events. Anupam also regularly speaks and participates in various Marketing and Outsourcing Forums


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