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Cloud Security Simplified – visibility, performance and protection, everywhere

27th November 2018, Dubai

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Location: Burj Al Arab


We live in a cloud-first world. What’s more, that world increasingly leans on multiple clouds for success. Whether it’s public, private or hybrid environments, organisations are leveraging the benefits of the multi-cloud world to drive operational efficiencies, scale quickly and expand growth. Multiple clouds allow for greater flexibility, and the ability to leverage the most appropriate cloud-services from different providers.

Yet while the benefits are clear, securing multi-cloud environments is complex. Securing workloads and protecting data in a consistent fashion across diverse cloud providers, technologies and use cases remains a challenge. And with a recent report suggesting 84% of companies today use multiple clouds, it’s a common issue across all industry verticals.

So how do you deploy effective security for a multi-cloud world? How do you secure both access to the cloud and usage of it? How do you get greater visibility into those environments and reduce the risk of attack? And what do the tools and methodologies for greater cloud security look like?

Join us as we explore how a vision of “visibility and protection everywhere” can be realised to secure access and usage of the cloud, and give organisations confidence that all employees and data are protected.


6:00 – 6:30 pm – Welcome Reception
6:30 – 6:40 pm – Introduction from Master of Ceremonies
6:40 – 7:00 pm – Keynote Speaker
7:00 – 9:00 pm – Three-course dinner complemented with table discussion points
9:00 – 9:30 pm – Wrap up and closing remarks from Cisco

Discussion Topics

  • What challenges are you facing (or have you faced) in implementing cloud security solutions? What are your concerns? And for those who have already adopted cloud, how did you overcome those challenges?
  • What does the advent of the multi-cloud era mean for you in terms of security? How are you managing security across multiple cloud environments? How do you get visibility?
  • Where do you see the largest benefit in moving your security architecture to the cloud? How can it help you address concerns such as ransomware, malware and C2 callbacks?

Keynote Speakers


Anders Piilmann, Security Consulting Engineer, Cisco

Anders Piilmann is an experienced 21 year veteran in the technology business with experience across operations, design and architecture. Working for companies from IBM to start-ups, has giving him experience with most of the vendors in IT infrastructure and security. Anders has designed and implemented countrywide networks for thousands of users, DNS design from SMB and enterprise customers with security at its core. His current role is using this experience as a Cloud Security Specialist in Cisco’s security organization.


Rami Abbas, Cyber Security Sales Specialist, Cisco

Rami Abbas is an IT industry veteran with 10 years of experience in the Cyber Security space. Rami currently leads Cisco Cloud Security Sales across the Middle East. Before Joining Cisco, Rami held positions at various cyber security industry organisations.

He brings with him a strong experience in the space of managed cyber security as he worked for multiple years at leading service providers in the region.

About Cisco

Cisco® Security solutions help you adopt the cloud, endpoint and network with confidence and better manage security for the way the world works today. Cisco’s cloud security is a cohesive and complementary solution that includes both Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Cloudlock.

Cisco Umbrella secures access to the cloud while Cloudlock secures usage of the cloud. This combines both breadth and depth to provide you with the security you need, where you need it; to protect users against threats anywhere they access the Internet and secure your data and applications in the cloud.

With Cisco’s cloud security, you gain visibility into Internet activity across cloud applications, all office locations, and roaming devices. You can also detect and respond to threats faster. Cisco Security provides an effective security platform that is open, automated, and simple to use.

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